Fraud Frond has always been about trees, plants, and flowers ever since it was founded. The owner and his team were always inspired by how a simple tree can make a difference in our home especially on Christmas and other holidays. It makes our house more appealing, brighter and more beautiful in the eyes. But knowing that these items especially real ones are sometimes hard to find, too expensive and hard to take care of, they thought of a way to make them more accessible without the hassle. Such is by producing an imitation or mirror image in the form of artificial plants and trees.

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Since Fraud Frond was launched in the market, it was able to create many artificial plants and trees that served the needs of the many households. Many continue to support us in our endeavor to help beautify every home. They inspire us to be better in our craft and to develop better technology to improve our products. We continue to deliver high-quality products that never fail to wow our consumers. We put them on top of our priority and serve their preferences.

We are first to admit that our customers know best; that they are the bosses when it comes to our work. As such, we strive to be customer-centric and focus on giving them the best customer experience.

Fraud Frond only wants to satisfy the people who continue to trust us and rely on us. We hope many people can see the great value and advantages of the products and services we offer. In return, Fraud Frond will keep creating more variety of decors for your home to make it more appealing to everyone. We’d like to think that we are helping each other save more trees by letting them grow and mature as we enjoy our artificial ones for decors at home.