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Hi, I’m new to your website and I already checked out your shop but I can’t find the plants I’m looking for. Can you tell me if there’s any other way to buy them from here?

Hello, thank you for visiting our website and checking our shop. We are aware that we don’t have every species of plants and trees at our shop but we can create the one you are looking for. Please send us a message to inform us of the specifics of the plant you want to have. You can use the available contact details on the contact page of this website to reach us.

I came here to buy a plant for my bedroom but I really have no idea what I want to purchase since I only know a few plants. Can I do consult with someone here on this website to find what’s the perfect plant for me?

Yes, you can find the perfect plants here on this website by consulting one of our agents. You may also check the ‘discover’ section and see various plants samples in different environment from our previous customers. You can see details and information about them there which will enable you to be more familiar with them.

Can I buy a miniature palm tree from your store? I want something that is not too tall to accentuate the poolside of my house.

Yes, we definitely have this as this is one of the best sellers at our store. We can make in the size you prefer. You can just specify the measurements and we can do the rest. You may contact us through our email address located in the contact section for assistance on how you can get the right measurements.

Do you sell rare flowering plants?

Yes, we sell many types of flowering plants. If you can’t find them our store then just send us a message so we can get one for you.