Daniela K.

Some people dislike artificial flowers, plants, and trees but for me, it’s very useful and good to use as a decoration in your house. Besides, not anyone can have real plant and trees inside their house because like me for example, I’ve been allergic to certain plants ever since I was a kid. Although I find them really beautiful, I have to get used to the fact that I cannot look at it as closely as I can, touch it and even smell it. I always end up sneezing whenever I do and this just makes me feel really upset especially when I was still a kid. But due to the artificial flowers and plants designed by Fraud Frond, not only were they able to address my problem, they made it even possible for me to have a little arboretum in my bedroom and living room. So I am really thankful.

Dean G.

I love how I can buy any artificial plants at a cheaper price at Fraud Frond. I really love placing them in my living room to make it homey especially when I have visitors. They add color to my black and white living room theme. But what I like the most about them is that there is no need to provide maintenance for them aside from wiping out the accumulation of dust over time. Pain-free!

Trisha H.

I really like Fraud Frond’s items for real! They make the perfect fake plants and trees that I can use for my home. I find these products really good since I have no time to take care of real plants in my house. I don’t have to worry about watering it every day, or even providing it fertilizer regularly.

Elaine S.

I find artificial plants and trees really cool and useful as decors. It does not require meticulous handling and could just be kept and stored in your attic or garages if you want to have a change of scenery.